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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Light Dinner at Coast

One night, in search of a light dinner, I went to Coast for some oysters and sushi. Their oysters are always great here, with a good selection and very cleanly shucked. I have been many times before, and this is definitely the lightest dinner I've had here.
Oysters Here we have a Dozen Oysters, made up of some Gigamotos, Kushis and one other variety that escapes me. The fresh horseradish is quite mild, so if you like yours spicier, you'll likely need more than this. Their seafood sauce benefits from a few hints from the Tabasco bottle, but their mignonette is perfect as is. 
Sushi Tile 2 c
This was the Sushi Tile of the evening and is meant for two people. You have an assortment of sashimi, nigiri and some rolls as well. For the nigiri, we had Flounder, salmon and ahi tuna. This was the first time I had flounder as sushi, I think. I was a little thrown off by the presence of the skin, but it was actually quite mild. 
On the sashimi side, we had snapper and yellow tail and ahi tuna, fresh and very sweet. Both the rolls had a bit of spiciness to it, one being the tuna and the other being salmon. I found the taste and textures to be identical except for the fish and would have preferred a contrasting roll instead of two of the same.

Take note:

  • Solid oysters, great deal at Happy Hour
  • Sushi tile features fresh fish of the day but can be pricey
  • Save room for the sides, either the lobster poutine or the prawn mac and cheese

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