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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Satisfying Sunday

A lazy Sunday that started off with lunch at Café Gloucester with my mom. It was a cheat day and I fully intended to cheat and satisfy my BBQ Duck craving. Although we started off aiming for Wonton Saga, then Congee Noodle House, lack of parking drove (punny) me to head over to CG. Despite a huge wait outside, the two of us were seated without any wait at all. Awesome!
Had a great chat with my mom and got her caught up on everything…probably more than she wanted to know! It was pretty productive and she is very wise. Things she says does make me look at situations, people and circumstances in a whole new way. Experience and wisdom doesn’t come easily.
Went home afterwards and vegged out – couldn’t decide if I wanted to read a book or to play PS3…ended up reading 5 pages and falling asleep. Good thing I set an alarm clock so that I woke up in time to shower for dinner!
Lucky for me, flowers arrived with my chariot...
Yummy dinner at Italian Kitchen – shared an Antipasto Misto platter first, followed by their famous Spaghetti with Kobe Meatballs. So much food but super yummy, I think we gave it a really good shot. Homeward bound and an early-ish night, if you call 2am early. Boy, it’s going to be a struggle to do that cardio in the morning…

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