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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springing Sunday

So the clocks move ahead an hour today, and I decided to celebrate by watching a few hours of HIMYM. Once you start watching tv...time just trickles along, doesn't it.
Also made myself a very "dinner for lunch" meal of steamed fish and rice. It's really not a "lunchtime" thing, but when you live alone, you can do stuff like that. Then I just stayed home for the rest of the day, but finally had to get up to go watch sledge hockey at the Paralympics. Given that you still have to clear security, it was decided that we should leave around 3:30 to be there in time for the 5pm start. One little glitch...those Canucks vs. Calgary tickets I scored yesterday meant that we would have to leave sledge early to make it there in time for the puck drop. Oh well, decisions decisions.
The game at GM Place was awesome, second time the Canucks played at home after the Olympic hiatus. It was great getting to see the medals too...yes, all three of them, because good things come in threes...just saying.

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