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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Green Wednesday!

Finally finished the newsletter that I’ve been working on for the past few days. Got the edits back for HR and decided that HR people are human too, some are even capable of off-colour jokes…mocking my Lent sacrifices!
After work, made my second Costco trip in three days…it’s like I’m trying to be the Mayor. LOL. Went there to look for some souvenir Team Canada photos that were there when I went on Monday. Unfortunately, they were all sold out!
But since you can never leave Costco empty-handed, I treated myself to a box of Arugula and Spinach as well as a box of mushrooms. Can anyone say Spinach Salad? Funny, I keep thinking that I would do something for St. Patrick's day...but just had a friend over for a little bit to catch up and chat…haven’t gotten together since the Olympics started! Watched some old school and pixel-ated videos that make me long for my youth…well, not really.
Chatted with my mom for a bit, trying to decide where we should have dinner tomorrow, only to find out that SHE was going to Poor Italian, but not with me. WOW, nothing sucks more than to be stood up by your own mother...
Took a long shower and then made my salad, sending the photo to Twitter so people can pity me. Actually enjoyed the salad with a glass of red, and just watched HIMYM. Chatted on the phone for a bit and dragged my lazy bum to the bed.

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