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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Un-Winged Wednesday

Yay, Buck-a-Shuck Today at Coast! Was super hungry all day since I did cardio in the morning, and then had one hard-boiled egg white for lunch. The best way to break (the) fast is two glasses of Long Bow and oh, say a dozen of yummy little Fanny Bays? Mission accomplished.
Drove down to Charlie’s Place for their Grand Opening. Had a Cotes du Rhone at Charm Mondern Thai first, since Charlie’s wasn’t letting people in yet. Walked in and was surprised to hear that they weren’t serving red wine until 10pm? And no white wine until 8pm. So that left us with a weird watered down concoction of Goose and juice. What a waste of Goose. Plus, in the two hours we were there, they passed around maybe two plates of hors d’oevres. And they were the same thing, some foie gras cracker creation. What about the pizzas they are so famous for? Sigh – epic fail.

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