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Friday, March 26, 2010

Follow Me Foodie Friday

Had lunch with my BFF and her baby boy, along with her cousin. Little did I know that I was lunching with Mijune (the author of Follow me Foodie!). We went to Coast (my third time this week), and had the insane Signature Chilled Platter.
There were 4 adults, one baby boy, and we ordered the Platter for 3 people, the Lobster Hot Dog and the His Lunch Box. As predicted, the waitress was shocked that we ordered so much food. I am happy to report that we finished everything. Well, except for the not-so-hot Clam Chowder, but we did order dessert! I think we did ourselves proud.
The best part of being so close to work is that I actually had time to leave lunch, go back to work for about 30 minutes, and then head back to finish lunch. Just consider it a long smoke break.
Made a yummy dinner at home, my tried and true Spicy Garlic Prawns with Spaghettini. Tested the "dry long spaghetti" measure (the thing with the holes) against the food scale, and was shocked to find that they actually worked out to the same! Well, I only tested the one for 2 servings, so next time I make dinner for 3 or 4, I will definitely try it out, again.
Got caught up with the first few episodes of Flash Forward, but I have to admit, that show is losing its appeal. I guess things are never as good when it's the second time around...

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