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Friday, March 05, 2010

Fit Friday

Woke up this morning and headed straight for the gym..not the same way as yesterday where I just got “to” the gym, but didn’t actually making it “into” the gym. Did my 30 mins of cardio and felt really good about myself. Had a quick appointment after work at the dentist and found out that my chipped tooth is a result of my nightly grinding. Wow, I really should make sure I start using that mouthguard he made me.
Headed back to Yaletown to meet a friend for a few drinks at the Keg. Shared a nice bottle of BC wine and then turned him onto a glass of my favourite, J Lohr. Decided that we’d head to the Cactus Club and have another round. Dinner plans were made early on, and I had to make myself scarce. But it was a nice relaxing night.

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