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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Suddenly Sunny Saturday

Shocked to wake up to a sunny day. All weather forecasts predicted rain/ I was crossing my fingers for my golfing friends. I had no idea I could actually affect the weather! I AM ALL POWERFUL!
Had brunch with my parents at White Spot and was disappointed for the first time at WS...not at the food, since my expectations there are limited. I was disappointed by the service.
My mom ordered the Nat's Hearty intending to save half for dinner. She left the dish with "one egg, two bacon strips and one sausage link, along with half her hashbrowns and toast". When we asked for our takeout upon leaving, we were shocked to learn that they tossed it!
With more than half the entrée left on the plate, I expected them to know to pack it, especially after we told him we wanted to take it home...and even if we didn't ask for that, shouldn't he have asked if there was anything wrong with the meal, since half of it was left???
They received a prompt complaint via email...wonder if I will hear back from them?
Afternoon was filled with a ST:TNG marathon...and some laundry...exciting Saturday Sh*t...
Headed over to a friend's to watch the hockey game, but left soon afer. Nothing can console me after a tragic Canucks loss...not even the Extra Buttery popcorn from SilverCity, nor the Veggie Pepperoni from Panago...I guess the loss hit me harder than I thought.
Home to drown my sorrows...

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