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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sad Saturday

Woke up super early and decided to download ringtones for my berry. It’s been a problem getting them reinstalled after my last upgrade, so I figure it’s probably easier to just re-download.
Had to head downtown to pick up my car from my work parking lot and then went for a quick dinner at White Spot.
The Prawn and Scallop Fusilli is pretty good, (minus the fennel seeds), especially if you have someone who loves scallops to share with. And fish and chips are always good…but the kid’s grilled cheese looked pretty awesome too. Went back to my friend’s place to watch the Canucks vs Red Wings game, but every time he left the room, they would score. Methinks he should stay put when the Canucks are on the ice. He must be a really big fan to give them all that positive energy.
Headed home after the game…a disappointing loss…but nonetheless, a great night.

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