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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four for Four Thursday

Did my 4 for 4 this morning…despite falling asleep late. Since it wasn’t a cardio day, it’s always easier to get up. Had a work lunch today, and was quite happy when they brought out the first course, salad! The second course was not so good, half a Cornish Game Hen with greens and mashed potatoes. I at the veggies and didn’t touch the poultry at all. I overheard someone asking for a vegetarian option, and I promptly jumped on that bandwagon too. Ended up with a Fusilli Funghi. Yum! Glad I didn’t have to Worked later than usual but still managed to get home in time to watch some Frasier before heading out to dinner.
When plans for dinner were made, I was craving pasta, I didn’t know that I would GET pasta at lunch. Oh well, off to Cioppino’s. Had their Garlic Buttered Spot Prawns and the Spaghetti alle Vongole. Yummy…lots of garlic in MY meal tonight. Warding off evil tonight, I’m sure. Would have liked a simple dinner without the interrogation, but such is life...
Early night, going for 5 for 5 tomorrow morning – it’s cardio time!

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