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Monday, March 29, 2010

Meatless Monday

Earl's Burnaby Bridge Park on UrbanspoonAfter the horrific dining experience at Thai Son yesterday, I decided to go with the tried and true…Earls Bridgepark! Headed there with a friend after work to catch the Canucks game. We were seated in a booth facing the TV. Perfect. As I shuffled into the booth with my purse, I felt my foot kick something. I thought it was just my friend playing footsies with me, but no, it wasn’t him. We both kicked the thing around for a bit thinking it was a fork or something.
I asked the hosted to please take a look under the table to see what it was. Well, would you believe it was a Pepper Shaker?! She reached down and retrieved it, and then neatly placed it back ONTO our table! She just giggled. I looked at her in horror, and said “can you please take that away, I don’t think we want to use something that was on the floor!”.
To her credit, she removed the shaker and took it away. Another server brought it back a few minutes late, but would you use a shaker there again?
Since I was still LENT-ing, we ordred the Calamari and a California Pizza. I was amazed at how big the calamari serving was. And it was yummy, not chewy umbilical-cord-like at all. The California was as you'd expect, and despite my dislike of baby/cocktail shrimp, I was pleasantly surprised with the flavours. The crust was thin, the cheese was melted nicely, and the whole thing came together really well. We did get pepper on it, but asked for the freshly ground kind instead.
Earlier today, I went for lunch with the girls at work today…at Urban Tea Merchant. I ordered the Tea Sandwiches special, and even remembered to substitute the chicken on for an extra smoked salmon one. No extra charge, so I think I actually got a better deal than the rest. Note to self, return for lunch to sample the Macaroni and Cheese as well as the Chicken Pot Pie, but not on a Monday, since they sell out of them on the weekend, and don’t have enough on hand for Mondays.

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