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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday in Tofino

Went over to my parent's place super early...9:30 am...only to arrive and see the kids watching tv. Ferry isn't until 12:30! Argh, the sleep that was robbed of me! Had a small ham and swiss sandwich to recover from the lack of sleep. Strangely satiated. Guess if you feed one hunger, the filling effects spread to your other senses too!
Boraded ferry and noticed a couple sipping on wine and nibbling on cheese - that's the way to travel, reminded me of my train ride into Paris from London...
Arrived in Nanaimo and settled in for a 3 hour drive to Tofino. We had rented a car so that the kids would have a tv in the car. I figured it was my mom's way of keeping her sanity. Stopped off in Cathedral Grove to see the huge Douglas fir trees that are still around. The largest tree in Cathedral Grove is a Douglas-fir 76m high, 9-feet diameter and 9m in circumference! The whole ride consisted of the kids asking to watch tv, and then the kids getting to watch tv at full volume, since they were nowhere near the speakers...but I was lucky, mine was ear-height...cruel joke.
Finally landed in Tofino and it was COLD! For someone who just brought bikinis, tank tops and shorts, this was a huge disappointment. Promptly bought myself a Long Beach sweatshirt to avoid getting a cold. Went to the Sea Shanty for dinner...but had to wait 45 minutes for a table...torture!
Home to bed early...slept with my niece and prayed for warmer weather tomorrow.

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