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Friday, July 31, 2009

Freaky Friday

So, something snapped today and I realized the truth - "Life is too short to be unhappy". I decided that I was the owner of my life and I cannot blame anyone for my lack of happiness. Taking control of my life has made me realize that I do overthink..letting go of baggage, mine and everyone else's, is very liberating. Life is what you make of it, for better or worse, but you do have to play the game or else, you'll have no chance of winning it.
Had a fabulous evening tonight at a family dinner, and then drinks afterwards...hapa is fun...but only if you're in the mood. And tonight, I was.
QOTD - as per my earlier twit...Stay silent because the talkative parrot is locked up in a cage. Other birds, without speech, fly freely about. Lesson to be learnt? AND
Dreams have no expiry dates. Be happy every day. No prize awarded for suffering. No award for martyrs...unfortunately.
Packing now for the long weekend, spending some family time in Tofino. Sorry blog...I'll have to stay away for a while. Be back on Tuesday.

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