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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Solitary Saturday

Ever had one of those days where you'd rather be alone than not? I thought I wanted company, but it made me a little nauseous - certainly killed all appetite I had. Was at Milestone's, ordered a set of three sliders, and ate only one. Ended up going shopping on my own for some home decor, which was really fun, considering there was no other opinion that I had to deal with, like my mom, and other nosy people. It's my house...I don't tell you what to do to yours!
Ate my other third of a torpedo and watched some old Star Trek. Also managed to build all the stuff I got from Ikea, except for the damn light which was missing a piece.
Oh well, I'll wait until the back-to-school madness is done before venturing back into that abyss.

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