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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taking it Easy Tuesday

Due to the hours of rest I got last night, I woke up totally refreshed and ready to take on the world, well, at least the part of the world where I work. Went through so many presentations, my mind was boggling afterwards.
Hurried home because the "screen door (SD)" guy was supposed to come up and do measurements. Of course, there was traffic everywhere I went and was so worried that he just left without calling or waiting. Thankfully, he was running late himself and would be later than me. SO I headed up to watch tv, and lo and behold, it's busted. Well, I decided not to do anything about it until after the SD guy came, so I decided to check out my storage locker and move my multitude of boxes down there. Went down without remembering the locker number and proceeded to check about 15 locks before finding my own! Managed to lug the empty boxes for my toaster oven, coffee maker, kettle, alarm clock, rice cooker, wine glasses, stoneware plates...etc ALL downstairs. Also lugged my suitcase (with 3 suitcases inside) downstairs too, and my empty paint cans too! Felt pretty damn proud of myself. Had someone offer to help next week when he's in town, but glad to know I don't need the extra hand.
After the measurements for the balcony and the bedroom window was completed, I decided to call Telus TV...after an hour on the phone troubleshooting, he diagnosed that a technician was required to come check the set-up...and the tech won't be there until Friday! This was all fine by me because I thought today was a Wednesday! No Criminal Mind for me tomorrow then. Boo Hoo.
Heated up my leftover chicken wings around 8:30 and ate to the silence of my place. Decided to take a quick shower and just call it a night. Oh, and I officially love Shirataki!

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