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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunny-ish Sunday

Woke up and found my family breakfasting...there was no way we were heading out for lunch into town. Decided to sway everyone to my way of thinking...we'll go into town, do some shopping, and then make lunch at home. Found a place that sold live crabs, and bought 2 for the 4 adults. The kids had a mix of bacon and eggs and tomato sauce and pasta. The crab was fun to make - first time ever and the garlic butter we found at the local Co-Op was an amazing complement.
Sunned at the beach for a few hours when the sun actually came out. Kids went exploring for anomones, starfish, jellyfish and sand dollars. I don't really care what they were long as it wasn't within hearing range for me! Back to the hotel and relaxed with a beer...yes, I said beer! Felt wrong to open the red when no one (except me) wanted to drink it.
Dinner was my treat at Shelter but the service was pathetic...dinner too about 2.5 hours...and with two tired and hungry kids, it felt more like twice as long. No offer of free dessert or a discount on the bill, even though we complained. Good thing they are in Tofino, because they wouldn't last a month in Vancouver. Thank god we got that second bottle of wine...would have slit my own throat with the steak knife otherwise.
Off to home and off to bed...sad to say, the whole group was tired after that long and boring dinner.

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