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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Three of Hell

Actually, it's not so bad. Instead of having coffee for breakfast, I had soup, at 9:30am! People thought I was nuts, or worse, hung. Anyways, headed over to London Drugs during lunch and again left with more than I bargained for. Luckily, it was all cleaning supplies, so it will not go to waste, well, maybe not. Got back to the office and was greeted by my friend at the elevator...turns out he dropped off a treat for me since I did him a favour this morning. Something so nice about being appreciated...mmm.
Headed to Superstore after work to stock up on future diet fixings: bananas, roast beef and steak! Even though I can't have it until Friday, just the sight of it does me good.
I talked to RS yesterday and explained that I hadn't got to the gym because I didn't want to access it via the parking lot...and even as I said it, I realized how ridiculous I sounded. I was getting fatter by the minute simply because I didn't want to walk amongst cars? Well, that really put the spunk back in my step! As soon as I got the groceries put away, I put on my workout gear and headed to the gym...through the parking lot! Did my elliptical for 25 mins, tis a good start! Felt so good to sweat again!

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