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Monday, August 10, 2009

Majority Agrees with ME Monday

Shocked to find very active FB-ers agreed with me! Took this little screenshot for proof - click it to enlarge! Aha, so there is a time and place...and judging from the comments below, uh-no, it's not all the time and everywhere. Hooray for independent thinking.

Funny how Pat mentioned twitter, because he was practically psychic...

After this vindication, I had a victory dinner planned...nono, it was a family dinner, already planned. We all went to Pinky's.
We were squeezed into a booth. The service was fair, the food was good, the prices (at 50% off) were great. I guess our server only spent half her energy serving us, knowing she'd only get half the tip the(from the food portion at least ) anyways. Dinner was ruined by someone's smoking and twittering and facebooking, twice in a two hour, those things must be addictive as nicotine!

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