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Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Blues

Sad to say goodbye to the Pacific Sands Resort...the place was amazing. Glad I got to make my first live seafood dish here. Headed off to the New Wickaninnish Inn for lunch. The view totally took my breath away. And the food was good, albeit a little slow in this standard with Tofino-area restaurants? Then drove towards the Old Wickaninnish Inn for a little stroll. There is a sealife museum there and they were playing a Sea Otter movie - they eat 25% of their own body weight a day, and use tools to feed themselves. Very cool!
Stopped off at Coombs too and visited the Old Country Market where they had goats on the roof! Very cool. Decided to buy some bread, cheese and cold cuts to have as dinner on the ferry ride home. And here is where the brilliance of my abstaining from the red wine on Sunday paid and cheese for dinner on the ferry!
Home after an exhausting I know why people say they need a vacation to recover from their vacation...they must have been travelling with kids!

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