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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

no Transit Tuesday

So, it's back to work today, but with a twist! Instead of having to suffer on the train with overflowing hot dogs, spilling coffees, quirky and/or smelly men, I was able to go to work in the comfort of my own vehicle. The parking garage is gated and looks safe. The walk is just a few minutes away from the office and actually quite pleasant. Even the drive itself wasn't bad.
Working up at reception this morning, so that was kind of a turn-off...but as I tell the people around's more action than I would get in 3 days sitting at my usual spot - a bank of 4 cubicles occupied by only me!
With my newfound mobility, I decided to head to London Drugs to see if my Krups kettle was still around...and sure enough, it had multiplied! There were now 2 of them, so I decided to buy it, but did think maybe there was something wrong with it and it was returned. Oh well, I have fourteen days to make up my mind with it. As I turned to leave the fated aisle, my eye caught the glimmer of shimmer from the Cuisinart Stainless Steel carafe of their mini-coffee maker...had to have that too! No point in fighting the power of London Drugs...resistance IS futile.
After 72+ hours of kid-friendly family time, I decided that this evening was decidedly NOT going to be kid-friendly. Instead, there was red wine, white wine, lemon shots, and cheese plates! That's a grown-up night for ya...

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