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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Worst Day of CSD

Today is the dreaded banana and milk day. Started the day off with a Venti Cafe Misto, and again people thought I was hung! Decided not to invite further speculation and postponed my soup-eating/drinking until 11:30, which I thought was a decent hour. Worked all through lunch and then had a banana at 1pm. Yuck...
Went straight home after work and then straight to the gym. My personal trainer friend advised me to do weights first, then swim and then sauna. I sort of listened to his advice...did 30 mins of cardio, 20 mins of weights, 10 mins of treading water and then sauna-ed. Should be nice and sore tomorrow!
Didn't feel like dinner yet, so walked over to Starbucks for another caffeine jolt. There were 7 little doggies in the cute!
Had some soup and a frozen banana for dessert. Still have two more in the fridge...
Contemplated staying up til midnight to have a slice of roast beef but decided to be good and just sleep, after a nice hot relaxing shower.

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