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Monday, September 20, 2010

Town Hall - this time with cheese!

On a rather dreary Friday, a friend decided to drop by downtown for a quick lunch. Not knowing what he was in the mood for, but knowing what I was in the mood for, I made reservations at Town Hall through Open Table. Worst case, I'd call the restaurant and cancel.
One of the things that I was craving when I made the reservation was their Gooey Cheese Pot with toast. It arrives in a pot with the lid on and some toasted garlic bread slices. I'd seen it on previous visits, but never ordered it...why? When it came, all I could think was "Oh wow".
We took the lid off and the steamy cheesiness hit us full on. All gooey cheddar and bubbling. Yes, this was a good choice.
Another signature item here is their Grilled Chicken Wings. I'm not a fan of the dipping sauce, but the wings are always excellent.
I love how they don't bread them or dice them up or toss the tips off. It's a whole wing, simply marinated and grilled. Slightly Asian in flavour, this is what a good grilled wing should be. They don't need to bread it because the skin is crispy on its own. Delicious!
Although it doesn't seem like a lot of food, the two of us had two wings leftover. Probably due to the Gooey filling but so simple!  
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