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Monday, September 20, 2010

Chowing Down at Cioppino's

Sometimes, work dinners can be good. This time, we headed to Cioppino's as a reward for some extra work that I've done for another department. Hmmm...let's see what I should get?
I think they would frown upon me going for the Australian Premium Wagyu Beef "Diamond Label"...for $300! Oh, and you can get Caviar served with it too...are you kidding me?
Good thing the waiter brought over some bread on a silver platter...uniform slices...still warm. I love warm bread. Love watching the butter melt on simple, but so many restaurants give you cold bread, yuck!
I decided on the Beef good! Thinly slices of beef, with a mustardy dressing, and sprinkled with arugula and mozzarella. The cheese and the mustard were perfect with the beef. Not too heavy so that it took away from the flavour of the beef, but heightened it perfectly. Yeah, this was good.
Instead of embarrassing myself by taking pictures of everyone's food, I discreetly took photos of my neighbour's appetizer. She ordered the Foie Gras which was delicious too! I got to sample half of one sinful, so decadent, it's not something I'd order, but it's something I'd sample!
My Veal Chop was gigantic. When I ordered it, the waiter took the time to explain to me that it was bone-in, which I was okay with. Then he told me that it would be complete with fat and gristle, again, I was okay with it.
Can you see how thick this chop is? I'd also never had meat served with a lemon half before...
I like how they grilled the lemon, which made it really juicy. I decided to squirt the juice on the meat, despite my initial hesitation. If Pino thinks that the veal will be better with lemon juice, who am I to disagree. I was actually made the chop tastier.
She got the Ossobuco...complete with a bone filled with marrow. Oh wow. Accompanying her dish was a saffron risotto. The veggies and sauce were a little bit sweeter than expected, but the dish came with a very healthy serving of veal. Funny how we both ordered veal. The saffron risotto was flavoured with parmesan cheese, and creamier than any other risotto I remember. Boy, I'm spoiled!
Since my friend wasn't a fan of "stinky cheese" (yes, she thought parm was stinky!), I ended up with the best takeout of the night. Half of my veal chop came home with me, as did most of her risotto.
So the following night, this was my dinner. I poured myself a glass of red, and sat down with a book that a friend lent me months ago. Yes, a good night that carried on through to the next. I love my job.
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