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Monday, September 13, 2010

100 Days - Round 2

Yes, this is my second time at 100 days in less than a week. My friend is currently mulling a decision to move to Calgary to be with his girlfriend. We discussed his decision at length on the first visit, so we figured coming here again would make help the conversation continue to flow.
In addition to the paper menus you get, you can just stare at the chalkboard and see what leaps to your eye. Just don't sit with your back to it, or you'll erase it all!
One of my favourite appetizers is chicken wings. It's on par at price with other places, at $11. I prefer the wingette versus the drummette, and in this dish, it was all drums. The flavour is a bit too sweet for me...more honey than garlic in their barbecue sauce.
Lobster and Prawn Popsicles at 100 days, they didn't say it came on a stick! Or else I would have ordered it the first time around! Three for $14. Oh, and that dipping sauce on the side, it's lobster bisque! Get used to this at 100 days...
Just hacked into it a little bit...oh, but something is missing...certainly not lobster and crab, but something...
Ahh, that's better...I have now drowned the ball with a bit of the bisque...
Lobster mac and cheese...recognize the lobster bisque again? Oh, and isn't it cute how they serve it with a side of mixed greens? To be honest, I didn't even notice it was there until I saw this picture. I actually took a sip of the bisque before...
I sloshed it all over my mac and cheese...actually they were tubetti pasta, but I ain't complaining. So much crab and lobster...
Can you see that claw? No lobster bits here!
Yes, I finished the whole thing...sort of makes not eating all day well worth it!
Grilled cheese, hmm...didn't I have that earlier this month? But this time, I had them shove wild boar bacon in it...oh, and I am glad I did! And here, again we have the greens...really, that was there?
Cheese-y goodness with boar bacon...yeah, it's a little oily, but that is what makes it so good here.
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