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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Brunch at Glowbal

I haven't eaten at Glowbal Grill since my YYC BFF was in town, so with my sister in town, I thought we would all head there for brunch. Poor girl has been craving brunch since she arrived about 3 weeks ago. I've taken my mom there before for Mother's day, and we all enjoyed it. Time for a repeat!
It was a rather breezy day, so I was in the mood for soup...ooey gooey French Onion Soup. Sure looks like I got what I wanted, eh? I'd always thought that The Keg had the best FOS, but I think I'm going to have to go back and do a comparison taste test. The broth was definitely better here, but the cheese factor is higher at The Keg...but who can complain when there is melted gruyere and croutons. A bit pricier than The Keg's at $8.
I also ordered a Spinach Salad, and it was really well done. The vinaigrette had a hint of hazelnut in it, but it wasn't overpowering. It was topped with buffalo mozzarella, and the best bacon bits ever! Well, it wasn't was wild boar bacon, done really crispy, and full of intense flavour. Pretty good for $10.
My sister ordered the Steak Sandwich with came on a cutting board (just like their steaks do). A bucket of fries sat next to the meatiest sandwich I'd seen in a long time. It was sliced grilled striploin, with a hot mustard spread, topped with tomatoes, asiago cheese and a smattering of arugula. If you love steak sandwiches, this one is a steal at $15.
From the first picture of this dish, you can't really see the stuff inside, so here is a side view for you food porn voyeurs...
My niece ordered the Rigatoni Pomodoro. It's a pile of fresh rigatoni, tossed with a tomato, garlic and basil sauce. And although it was only 1pm, that sauce tasted like it was cooking all day. She wasn't sure about the burrata cheese you see there on the side, but after poking her fork at it and taking a small chunk to taste, her eyes lit up and we have ourselves another burrata lover in the family! At only $12, this dish is really worth it.
So on to brunch...Glowbal has four kinds of Benedicts...our table had three of them. The first one you see here is their Smoke Salmon Benedict. It's served on a cheddar biscuit, topped with a dill cream cheese sauce, and perfectly poached eggs. Some baby greens and potato hash complete the dish. $12 only...
The next one is the Dungeness Crab Benedict. This is served on a traditional English muffin, capped by poached eggs, bathed in traditional hollandaise sauce, and topped with a bit of citrus aioli. Really decadent for brunch, but still, only $18!
And of course, we have to try the traditional glowbal Benedict too! The art was drawn by my 8 year old nephew and isn't standard table linen. His was also on an English muffin, but they used crispy pancetta as the base, hollandaise only as the sauce, and simple poached eggs. It was so good he wanted to order another one! And this is only $12 too!
For those craving a less saucy and complicated dish, try the Yaletown Breakfast. The menu says it comes with scrambled eggs, but the good folks at Glowbal will do your eggs up anyway you like, just ask nicely. To accompany the eggs, you get a few slices of smoked bacon, which were really crispy, and some Italian sausage, and the potato hash that comes with almost everything. Soak up the runny yolk of your eggs with their cheddar biscuit and you'd be all good. Another great plate at only $12.
And one good thing about coming for brunch? You can find parking in Yaletown!  
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  1. I love Glowbal Grill! I have only been there once sadly as I usually find myself at Sanafir or Coast. Your food photos are making me wish I had more than Finleys and Strawberries! I'm going to check out some of your other food posts now :)

    I have a Glowbal Post too if you want to see my food photos -



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