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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pigging out at PNE

Yes, I know the PNE is over, and this won't do any of you any good, but boy, did it do me good when I went on the last weekend they were open. I went last year too, and ate, but nowhere near this sort of eating. It was as if I was going there JUST to eat...Actually, that was exactly it!
First order of business...a corn dog. I have NEVER had one, but have been told by various people that it is a life changing experience. Watching them dip it into that vat of oil changed my life...actually, it made relive all the precious memories of my life...I felt sure I was going to die.
I took one bite, and whoa...the reason for the fuzziness is due to the shock of corn dog goodness travelling to my extremities. Doughy bread that is semi-sweet, the sausage that is super have I never had this before!?
After devouring the corn dog, we proceeded to Henry's Chicken BBQ. Sigh...a lineup. Good thing I saw my friend (Mr. 2nd in line).
Whoa...all these chickies...but I only want...
a half chicken. Oh my goodness. I don't even like white meat, but I ripped that thing apart so badly, I couldn't take photos until I washed my hands. This is the pristine before photo. The after shot ain't so pretty.
If you are reading this, then you're probably a certifiable foodie, which means you probably know about the new food carts that Vancouver has approved 17 food carts. The pulled pork sammy you see is from @roamingdragon. It is Chinese braised pork-belly sliders with pickled cucumbers, hoisin sauce, and scallions, served in a sweet white steamed bun. SOOOOOO good..
Here is the lemonade we bought for $3...normally, lemons are 3 for a $1. Can you imagine how much profit these people are making?
So, after the corn dog, the half chicken and the pulled pork sandwich, I decided to call it a night. I played betting games, and made $6 from $2. That's why I can afford these...two dozen for $5. YUM. No visit to PNE is complete without them.
I really wanted the burger with the fried onions, but I just couldn't do it. So I settled for a picture of the fried onions. Next time I have a burger, I'm going to be staring at this picture, I guarantee you.
As we were making our getaway, we spied this sign. uh-oh, trouble!
Here are the deep fried Oreos. I was a little surprised that they breaded it, I mean, couldn't you just dunk an Oreo into oil? What, did it just disintegrate? The breading made it a little donut like...but too rich for me.
Um...deep fried butter...more like a really really rich donut...butter mixed with cream cheese. Then rolled into a batter and then fried and sprinkled with sugar.
I heard they have deep fried Coke and Guinness at the Texas State Fair...SO tempted!

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  1. My cousin in law was here from texas telling me about what they deep fry.... Apparently its super populae for deep fried wedding cake



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