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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coping at Copa

Met up with the BFF and BFF'B for a yummy lunch a few weeks ago. We wanted something Asian, but her boy could never sit still long enough for the two of us to have a leisurely dim sum lunch. So we ended up going to Copa, because they are pretty kid-friendly. Lots of kids abound there on Saturday afternoon, most of them screaming for no reason at all, randomly.
I have to say, even though Copa isn't a BBQ restaurant, it does served one of the best BBQ Duck Noodle in Soups that I've had since being back in Vancouver. You get loads of duck, and real veggies (not just a sprinkle of green onions), and noodles that aren't overcooked.
BFF was enamoured with their photo of the Pork Chop Ramen on the menuand ordered that instead. Since the pork comes separately, her boy could have the noodles and soup. So cute! But the pork chop was really crispy...actually, crunchy! But it was way it's meant for one person!

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