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Saturday, September 18, 2010

100 Days - Round 3

So for my third visit here, I met up with a fellow foodie/tweeter, and we had a lovely Saturday brunch. It ws her first time, but my experience was useless here, since their brunch menu is different from their dinner menu.
She decided on the Proscuitto and Egg Gnocchi with. I love gnocchi too, but since she decided on it before me, I was set to order something else. I have said this many times before, but it's well worth saying again...anything topped with a fried egg is always better.
With this closeup, you can actually see the fork marks on the gnocchi, and the crispy proscuitto. There are peas here, but buried under all that homemade gnocchi goodness. Oh man, this looked so good. And I had to restrain myself from taking another picture of her food after she broke the egg.
And now, my very traditional Opus Benedict. Shaved proscuitto di parma, topped with burrata cheese and a poached egg, fully doused with hollandaise sauce. Along with a healthy portion of potato hash.
The hollandaise sauce is rich, but not overly so...creamy enough to ooze on to the plate nicely...
The best part of eggs benny is bursting open that yolk! Wow, you can really tell that it's an organic egg, alright. See how orange that yolky goodness is!?
Seeing as this was brunch...there was no way I could finish. Here is my pretty take out box...Yeah. that's going to reheat nicely for dinner.
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