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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mis Trucos

Sometimes, being surprised is a good thing. I had plans for dinner with a friend, but the venue was a surprise. Well, it turned out to be a surprise for both of us...since we parked and couldn't find it. The entrance is very "discreet" but it's worth the hunt!
The first thing we got was wine, but the second thing we got was their Chorizo and Potato torte...a 2" bite filled with flavour, carbs, and meat. I liked that it came piping hot, and bite sized.
Scallop ceviche was the next dish...fresh and flavoured with parsley, radish and tangerine segments...nice and refreshing.
A close up look of the scallop....fresh, thinly butterflied, and loaded with flavour.
Oh, and despite me not wanting carbs, I was easily persuaded to get their freshly baked baguette...complete with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh sea salt...carbs are so GOOD!
Finished up dinner with a Lobster and Truffle Risotto...three other people tried to order this after us...but it was sold out...too bad suckas...
The truffle oil...laced with some sour cream.
This IS food porn. The lobster weas perfectly cooked...probably poached, but the best part of the dish...the smell of truffle oil. Better than perfume!
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