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Thursday, September 23, 2010

100 Days - Round 4

After a delicious meal at Rodney's, I had to meet up with my friend, best known as Vodka Truck. Although I had intended to come to 100 days for dinner earlier tonight, I decided to go to Rodney's instead, since I would have been here four times in 16 days. Alas, Vodka Truck decided to meet for drinks at 100 days.
After having my first shot, more sustenance was required. We got an order of their Sauteed Prawns. $9 for these deliciously prepared prawns. They were crispy on the outside, and so plump and juicy on the inside. Way better than expected for a side dish!
After another shot...more grease was needed. So despite the best intentions to NOT have anything other than seafood, we caved and had fries made with kennebec potato. Needed something to soak up the Goose...enough said.
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