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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

HUB - pre Gaga

Last month, before the Lady Gaga concert, we headed to Hub to use a Groupon. All appies are $6 here before 6pm. We got here in the nick of time!
After much deliberation and overthinking, we decided to order a bottle of the Ravens Wood zinfandel. Better to get a bottle here that to have the overpriced Mission Hill at GM Place, er, Rogers Arena aka the Phone Booth.
We got an order of the Nachos, which was supposed to come with chorizo sausage. Well, it arrived and we were shocked by the size of it. It's normally $16 on the menu, but it was definitely not worth that! It was really small, and the chips were a little disappointing. Thin and flavourless.
And to make matters worse, the chorizo sausage was more like the bacon bits that you can get at Safeway. Flavourless and soggy. Not good.
The next dish to arrive were their Kobe meatballs. I had lowered my expectations due to the disappointing nachos, but these were good! Loved the shaved parmesan on top...
I had to force myself to stop eating the whole thing before taking a picture. It was juicy, tender and really good. These were well worth the money for $6.
Took off after this and headed to the concert. Here are a few of the pictures from the night.
The opening act - Semi Precious Weapons
She's here!
The entrance
Doing her thing...
Rocking the crowd
Haute couture
So sexy
Dancing up a storm
A view of the crowd
What an outfit
Oh, I'm scared of heights
So pretty
The encore
The finale
All in all, a great night and a great concert courtesy of @bennettchin. Thank you for an amazing night.

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