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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Last dinner in Vancouver with my sister...

Last month, with my sister leaving for Hong Kong the day after, we had one final family dinner together. We ended up at Cactus down at the Market Crossing. It's my nephew's favourite restaurant here.
My niece has developed a special way of, deconstructed. This is the teriyaki chicken rice bowl, with the veggies, sauces, and chicken...all on the side. Haha...I love it!
My stepdad ordered the steak...which came witha nice helping of mashed potatoes, and loads of mushrooms! Yum!
Not being too hungry myself, we ordered the scallop and shrimp linguine to share. One of us loves shrimp, one loves scallop, and one loves noodles...between the three of us, we knocked this baby back!
My sister also ordered the steak, but hers came with just peppercorn sauce, sans mushrooms and potatoes.
My nephew loves the sliders...and the waitresses...he actually did a drawing for our waitress, and presented it to her when we left. So sweet!
Cactus Club Cafe (Market Crossing) on Urbanspoon

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