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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

100 Days - Round 1

I love to try new places, nothing more appealing than that except when it's a new place with an expiration date! The concept of 100 Days is that they are only open for a 100 days. They feature ever changing decor and an evolving menu.
Every month, I lose my virginity to something new...this time, it's the Dungeness Crab and Artichoke Dip, served with toasted baguette. At at glance, this almost looks like a bowl of French Onion soup, doesn't it? I've been back a few times, but this was a "daily special" and hasn't been on the menu since. Boo. 
This dip is so thick that you need to spoon it up, dipping just doesn't work! Look how gooey it is! It's a good thing that the bread is toasted, because soft bread wouldn't be able to stand up to that gooey-ness.
And it's loaded with fresh and so sweet. I think if they didn't give me bread, I would have just ate the whole thing, one spoonful at a time.  
Deep fried WHOLE mozzarella balls with tomato fondue and basil...$19. I know it seems a bit much, but it's a WHOLE ball of cheese, times two! Totally worth it in my books, especially if you are a cheese fan.
Yes, the cheese is ooozing out onto the plate. Eat this the minute it comes, the cheese is so stretchy.
I lifted this easily four inches off the plate and it was still oozing. And when you twirl it around your fork, it's like smooth creamy pasta smothered in cheese, except without the pasta.
The proscuitto and burrata cheese bruschetta, topped with a bit of basil pesto. Served on freshly toasted crostini. Not too crunchy, but seasoned nicely.
Lamb wellington kicks salmon wellington's ass every time. I've never been a huge fan of fish wrapped in pastry, but meat in pastry? You've got me!
Check out the perfect way they have done the lamb here from @100Days. Well done, but not "well-done"...Pink and tender on the inside, and juicy too!
When I read this on the menu, and noticed that it came with a white bean cassoulet...I asked the kitchen if they could substitute it with something different, since I don't really like white beans. They were very accommodating, but in the end, I decided to rely on the chef's instinct and have the dish the way it was supposed to be. I am really glad I did, because I ended up loving it, probably because once you add pancetta to anything, I'm game!
Hm. Duck pot pie...not exactly what I expected, since there isn't a puff pastry here. Instead, it's topped with cheese! I'm not complaining. The bottom is loaded with scalloped potatoes...nice but very rich!
And they sure didn't skimp on the duck...loaded to the brim with moist chunks of duck, it's well worth the $17!
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