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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pre-Season at Hapa Robson

NHL is here! Headed to Hapa Robson to watch the first NHL pre-season Canucks game! Though I have been here tons of times for drinks, this will be my first visit since I got this food blog underway.
The first dish we tried was the Tako Wasabi, only $3.50. It comes with a few pieces of nori on the side, and some pickled cucumbers. The tako is marinated wasabi sauce, and doesn't look like it would pack a punch, but yes, it does! The nori is a nice touch, but I have to admit, it's not easy to eat it with the nori because it's so wet.
The next dish to arrive is the Pork Belly Lettuce Wrap for $7.95. It's a lot on the plate, and such pretty colours! It's tasty stuff, it's their version of pork and applesauce!
The belly is done really well...nicely crispy and juicy. It comes with some pickled red onions and deep fried wonton skins.
The lettuce is perfect for this dish...given everything the perfect added crunch. Oh, and be sure to use the apple yuzu jam.
Oh my god! I can eat spicy food, spicy curry fish balls, suicide hot wings, but these Habernero Chicken Wings are insanely hot! You get six for $6.50, but whoa, I actually ate all the greens to cool off. Tried it with the lemon wedge, and yes, better! I had three and a few gulps of tea (ok, wine) to wash it down! Took them home and reheated them the next day...and yes, still blow-your-mind hot!
Food on fire...what could be better? This is the Aburi Saba for $6.50. It's worth it just for the show - they fire it up tableside. Oooh, I want a torch!
Almost there...
Okay, it's all ready to serve...and worth the wait...The skin was so crispy, and the the saltiness was nicely cut by the lemon. Oh, and be careful, the yellow wasabi was pretty hot too!
After taking a little break, we smelled someone else's food and asked Mackenzie what it was. Turns out it was the Crab Croquette, for $7.50. Gorgeous deep fried balls swimming in sauce.
It was so rich, it was almost cheezy! It's well worth it. Dungeness crab goodness on the inside, crunchy on the outside. The sauce sauce has a slight tanginess that lightened up the richness of the dish.
Okay - last of the 6 dishes...damn, I always over order. Decided to top the meal off with carbs, since we didn't have any...Onigiri!
Basically, a blob of sushi rice with a blob of fish, all wrapped up with nori so you are not eating rice with your bare hands...very classy! good!
You can put anything you want in it, there is salmon in here. It is really simple and good. I can imagine eating this for lunch..all the time!
Note: Not all items reviewed here will be available at all locations. Each Hapa location has a different fresh sheet menu that changes frequently.  
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