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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What to do pre-Stanley?

A few weeks ago, we were in the Fairview area getting ready watch Glengarry Glen Ross at the Stanley. Needing to grab something to eat beforehand, but not so heavy that we fall asleep during the play, we were stumped. We thought of Joey's , Cactus and Earls, but none of those seemed pre-theatre dining. Another option was Bin, but I alwasy come out of Bin wanting to head home and continue chilling...good wine and good conversation does that to me. So in a moment of inspired awesomeness...Salade de Fruits was suggested.
We decided to order something light, although their nightly Table d'hôte was tempting. However, if neither of us were going to eat the last course of a 3-course meal, then really...what'st the point? So we started with their spring salad (Rouleau du Printemps) ...lightly dressed, as requested. A pleasant spring mix greens with some carrots thrown in for crunch, along with a few slices of tomatoes and mozzarella. No complaints here.
The next dish that arrived was a little less healthy...escargots (Escargot à l'aïl) baked and smothered in garlic butter and oil and cheese. It's true...the less healthy a food is for you, the better it tastes going down. Oh, and did I mention that they give you the freshest baguette to soak all that cheese up with?? Some places look down on you when you ask for extra gratis bread...this place monitors your basket and brings extra without having to be prompted!
One more thing we ordered were the mussels (Moules et frites)...lots of yummy good mussels and even more of the delicious broth that it was steamed in. And yes, the bread was great for soaking that up too. I'm a sticker for mussels matching the shells, and here, I really think they bring you the container they cook it in...because although we had empty shells as we were eating...all these shell-less mussels were waiting for us on the bottom!  
Each table is adorned with one of these plaques, just in case the French menu, the French speaking waiters and the yummy French food didn't drive the point home. only.
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  1. Bennett9:32 AM

    Bonjour! J'ai trés faim après lire votre blog extaordinaire. Vous mangez trés bien Mlle.



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