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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lunch at Town Hall - light!

Ever have one of those days where you want to to go out for lunch for the foodie company but not the calories? Well, on one such occasion, I decided to go for it and try to eat light. I think we decide. 
We started off with the Chicken Wings...grilled, not fried, and served whole instead of truncated into wingettes (is that even a word?) and drummettes with the tips tossed aside. The result was eat one of these babies and are satiated. I ate two and was done! Because the wings are grilled, you get the BBQ flavour right away, that hint of smokey goodness. And since they are not battered (and then fried), you get the skin as it should be. The dipping sauce is a sweet & sour concoction that neither adds or detracts from the dish. It reminds me of the sauce that you sometimes get at food courts when you get spring rolls, with a hint of spiciness.
The only other thing we ordered wer the pulled pork sliders. WOW - phenomenal! The bun is the kind you get from Chinese bakeries, the once they serve the baked barbecue pork buns with. THe pork is smothered in a light barbecue sauce and mixed with some onions. In fact, the best way to describe this slider is that it is a Western version of a dim-sum-style baked barbecue pork bun.
Our success at reducing calories while maintaining good taste was accomplished. Neither of us could finish the wings...
I do have one suggestion for Town Hall though. Leftovers come in an old-school Chinese takeout box...all white and very plain. Why don't they invest in some stickers and slap them on the box for some sort of brand recognition. I know getting the boxes printed might be costly, but c'mon...spend a few bucks and get a roll of stickers!

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