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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stellas - not just for beer

What to do on a sunny Sunday? A few weeks ago, on an unexpected afternoon off, we headed out in search of a patio...
We ended up at Stellas on Cambie, and had a beverage or two. Needing a few nibbles, we perused the menu and were delighted to find that they had oysters on the menu. Not that they were the buck a shucks that you find at Coast between 3-5, but at $8 for a half dozen, we couldn't go wrong.
They were super fresh, small and creamy. Just goes to show that a little exploring and going out of your usual routine does have its benefits. Can't wait to discover another little spot on our next excursion.
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  1. Have you gone to the one on Commercial? I've been wanting to go for the longest time and try some of their tapas. I heard they have amazing beef carpaccio.

    Also if you are looking for buck a shucks have you been to relish? I've gone a few times and they are amazing! They also bring you 3 types of homemade sauces to try with the shucks. You can see my review here



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