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Friday, August 27, 2010

My mom's favourite spot...white

ne weekend morning, my family decided to meet up at our local White Spot for brunch. There's a bit of confusion at first...I got a table for 8 but they did too, at opposing ends of the restaurant...good thing my mom called me to let me know she'd arrived. 
My usual go-to at White Spot is their Eggs Benedict, or if I'm feeling rather piggish, I go for the nat's Hearty. I've never ordered the Waffle, and now I know why. If you look closely at the's topped with real HIPPEd that a Freudian slip or what? I mean, a moment on the lips, forever on the hips, right?
We decided to share an entree...just their Beef Dip. A sandwich made with slices of roast beef, served with a side of hot au jus for dipping. The bread is amazing...perfectly grilled, it just makes a sandwich go from good to great. I don't know why every restaurant doesn't grilled their bread!? With a side Caesar, slightly dressed and topped with grated parmesan...i feel so "healthy"! 
My sister ordered the Blueberry Pie special, which is an awesome deal with a basic burger, salad and a blueberry pie. The burger was disappointing...plain, boring and undressed. No extras whatsoever. I know it's part of a special, but shouldn't they have made it LOOK special. After having a Nimby burger and a Five Guys burger recently...I was very disappointed. I'm glad that it was my sister's dish and not mine! Wooh!
With a few kids at the table, we had a plethora of Pirate Paks at the table. There was a serving of yummy macaroni and cheese (no veggies hidden here!) and a side of fries and the best drink to wash it all down juice! 
My mom went for the waffle...she askedfor her "hipped" cream on the side...with a smattering of blueberries and a serving of mapel syrup. I think it's a little sad looking...lonely, despondent somehow. Almost "eggo-like" and not in a good way, and certainly not for $7.49. 
As part of my sister's special, she got the blueberry pie...not a slice of pie, but a miniature pie! Gorgeous...definitely better than the burger earlier. The whole pie is filled with bluberries...whipped cream on the side and on top. No cheap fillers custard, just all blueberries. 
White Spot is one of those places where you go for food, not great food, not exceptional food, but "it will fuel you up" food. That's why we keep going back. 
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  1. My mother and my motherinlaw both love white spot. I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I do love their blackened cajun chicken :)



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