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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Fish balls...spicy ones!

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One of the rites of passage for living in Vancouver in the summer is the Richmond Night Market, well known for it's delectable hawker-style foods. My first stop is always to the Curry Fish Ball stand...and I don't just get the Curry ones, I get the ones that are just Extra Spicy. There is probably some curry flavour in there, but it's so burning hot that I can barely taste it! It's something I have to do first, so that it warns my taste buds to be ready for some kick-ass action later. We had some skewers too, but I forgot to take photos. But it's meat on a stick so pretty much what you would expect.
The one new thing I tried tonight was the Sumo Bites Rice Burgers. If the burger is supposed to be the patty, then they have this name completely wrong. The rice is actually used to form two patties (but they stand in for the burger bun, not the burger patty. Then it is filled with beef or chicken teriyaki and some lettuce. The whole process takes only two seconds to assemble, but I guess making the rice/burger bun is the time consuming part. The burger itself was filling, but it was like having a small bowl of rice with a bite of chicken teriyaki. The meat-to-carb ratio was way off. Don't think I'll try it again.
Next time I go, I'm going to get those potato curls everyone was walking around almost poked my eye out...

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  1. Bennett12:03 PM

    Damn...those extra spicy fish balls extra kicked my ass! But so so good!



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