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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shaved Ice from Ululani's

It's been pretty hot here in enough for one of these.
The guy that made us this asked us where we're from, and when we said "Vancouver", he nailed us both as Canucks fans...alas, we SHOULD be, but one of us is is a diehard Flames fan (misguided). He offered us his condolences on our short season. 
Given how much he knew about the NHL...there was no way this guy was from Hawaii. And we were right, he's from Detroit. Hawaii is a nice place to transplant yourself, don't you think!? 
This is the gigantic ball of ice we were served! It was a perfect globe of frozen goodness.
To give you a better sense of what size and scale, we grabbed their tip jar to show you a little bit better...and it's what I want right about now.
They then top this frozen dome with syrups...all types of syrups, flavours that will blow your mind (Hoku, Tamarind, Tiger's Blood, etc). And the best thing...they have Sugar-Free syrups! 
We took it to go and sat facing the beach...this is us...if we were shaved ices! 
We started in on these you drink it or sip it? Doesn't just get it in your belly! 
We ended up with a crater, then we devoured it too! The best way to cool off on a hot Maui day.  
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