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Sunday, August 15, 2010

AYCE at Shabusen

 have always liked AYCE places...sushi, K BBQ...with the exception of Posh. I guess I just never understood its concept of boiling meat in flavourless water...
I was delighted when some friends were heading to the Shabusen down by my work. I was only invited for my cooking abilities...what do you think? Did I lay the meat down right? 
The key is to spread each piece out as thinly as you can...and don't touch it for a while. Let it cook for a bit so that it stops sticking to the grill, I think. The two people I was cooking for didn't complain during the meal and didn't get sick I guess it was a job well done. 
They also have AYCE sushi too...which is where I was focuing my energy on. It's not the best sushi you can get, but for an AYCE's better than what you'd expect!

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  1. My husband and I went here once for the AYCE, poor guy did all the cooking and I did all the eating :) He wasn't too much of a fan as he didn't feel like paying to cook his own food, and he's 6'2 so he didn't really like the small tables.. he had no where to put his long legs!

  2. ricardinho3:25 PM

    Im heading there tonite!



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