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Saturday, August 14, 2010


On a sunny July day, we decided to have a picnic for dinner at Queen Elizabeth Park. Not in the mood to cook or even make sammies, we decided to get take-out. After seeing the babysitter's dinner from Samurai last month, I was eager for the treat! 
As you can see from above, we ordered TONS of food. We had the Scallop Roll, the Negihama roll, and the assorted sashimi. We also snuck in a ikura and a tobiko and a egg box, as I guess, right? It was something for everyone, the Ikura for me, the toBiko for B and the Tamago for T.  
It's pretty apparent that there's something here that doesn't belong...of all the sushi joints I've been to...whether it's an AYCE or not, I've never seen them serve McNuggets (aka Buk Buk) and fries with a side of apple juice...
And another happy addition? The pink cup that holds grape juice...fermented grape juice, that is. 
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