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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spam at McDonald's

Having missed out on Spam at our first visit to McD's in Maui, we returned a second time after consulting with the Honua Kai's concierge. We went again one morning and met with success beyond our wildest dreams! 
Before spoiling the Spam surprise, I thought it fitting to show you another item on their menu that is unavailable here in Vancouver. It's called Saimin...and is about $3-4. As you can see, it's McD's take on instant noodles! 
It is a mix of the noodle soups that you would find in a Chinese noodle house, but the other ingredients have a decidedly Japanese take. There are a few slices of seaweed (commonly found in miso soups), then some sliced up scrambled egg, as well as some very pink and rosy bbq pork (again found in many Chinese shops), but the fish cake with pink pattern is again very Japanese (found in various Nabeyaki Udons around town). So as such, you would expect the broth to be a little miso/ramen like, right? But no! It's pure wonton noodle soup!
Next on the menu is their Traditional Breakfast...served in a container much like the Big Breakfasts back home. Now in OUR "Big Breakfast", you would expect to find a English muffin, some scrambled eggs and a sausage patty. Sometimes you could add pancakes to the mix too.
Well, not here my friend! In Maui, you get two patties of white rice (is it me or does it look like they are shaped to resemble two pancakes?), two slices of fried ham, and several slices of something called Portugese sausage. And the last item is the only hint that this is McD's breakfast..look at those'd recognize them anywhere, right?
The rice was a little dry on its own like that, but the saltiness of the spam more than compliments it! The Portugese sausage is really good also, much more meatier than the sausage patty we'd get back home. There was more texture too...not mushy like the patties we sometimes get here.
This is a tradition I could get used to. Having been back for a few months now, I've had breakfast here at McD's and I can say, it truly pales in comparison to the McD's in Maui.

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