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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pho and stuff at West Lake

Early one Sunday morning, after accompanying my friend's son to his swimming lesson...we decided to head out for lunch early. Since we were having a bbq later in the day, it seemed like a good idea to eat early. We actually tried to head to the liquor store prior to lunch, but they weren't open yet. I've been too LATE for the liquor store before, but never too early! 
I ordered a side of Curry Fish balls to start...I think there were six in a serving...but there's only five here...I know. I have a sneaky suspicion that I hadn't fully woken up yet to take the photo right away. They were nothing compared to the ones you get at Night Market...but on a Sunday'll do.  
My friend ordered a combination plate with came with a Vietneamese spring roll and and some Lemon Grass pork chop, and a small bowl of Pho...all for $10.50. The spring roll was nice and crunchy, and not nearly as oily as you would think. The pork chop was a little was sliced, which is unusual, because they usually serve pork chops whole. But the really odd thing was that the pork chop looked like it was cut by scissors, not by a knife. Good thing it didn't affect the flavour though! 
The pho had the usual slices of beef, tendon and brisket, and for my friend's kid, some meatballs...everyone was happy. 
I got the Spicy Noodle Soup with Pork Hock and Beef Flank...nice comfort food. I love pork hock and only get it at Vietnamese places. I know the broth looks insanely spicy because it's all red, but really, it's misleading. I think I actually had to add more hot sauce to the soup.
Twas a good meal and certainly worth waking up for! 

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