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Friday, August 13, 2010

Spam Musubi - heaven!

I know I've regaled you all about my search for Spam in Maui...but that was only at McDonald's. We had heard that wthere was Spam-goodness to be found elsewhere in Lahainia...and we were on the hunt. Thanks to the Honua Kai Concierge once again...
We went to the local Foodland there and were delighted (nah, more like THRILLED) to find a cooked food section loaded with Spam Musubi...In the same way we have whole roasted chickens at Safeway...these babies were just packed and ready to go!
We grabbed one each...just to see if we'd like it (as if there was any doubt)! It's a nice weight...enough for a pre-dinner snack, which is exactly what we needed.
After grabbing an iced tea from the Starbucks next door, we grabbed a seat on the patio and got down to business. As you can see from the drink and cigarettes, this spam musubi isn't tiny.You can get it with a pack of soy sauce too, but really, what could be better than the unadulturated taste of spam?
It took supreme control to take this picture after taking one bite. The spam is placed on top of a bit of white rice, layered with some sort of teriyaki sauce, and all neatly wrapped up in a slice of seaweed. Sounds simple...tastes AMAZING!
It's shocking that this decadent goodness is only $1.69! I'd pick this over a hamburger anyday!
In fact, we were such big fans of this that we picked up five more on the way to the airport on our last day in Maui. We planned that we'd eat one (or two) on the plane and we would still have one left for eating in Vancouver...
This picture was taken at LAX, during our stopover on the way home...Starbucks and just works.

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I'm just not sure why people do not like SPAM. Fry it up, add a fried egg, and rice....absolutely the best combo!



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