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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fleuri - lobster, beef and lots of chocolate!

Wondering what that TravelZoo deal for $65 gets you at Fleuri in the Sutton Hotel? Wonder no more, I'm here to tell all. If you purchased the Flerui: Luxe Steak and Lobster Dinner for 2 back in September, then you should read this and find out and see if you should keep it for yourself and give it away over the holidays. IMG_1230 2 Starting with bread and butter, this was standard, slightly warmed bread with cute triangles of butter. The heat of the bread helped to melt the butter, and the large nooks and crannies in the bread were great for holding in all the melting butter. IMG_1222 Our Amuse Bouche was a Panna Cotta with cauliflower. On the left of this was a bit of stilton, a strong British blue cheese. On the other side was a port jelly, a little salty and sweet combination. Served on a spoon, the best way to eat this is to just eat the whole spoonful at once.IMG_1237 2 Our first seafood course was called a Lobster Beignet, but I thought of it more of a tempura. With a potato succotash and some red pepper ketchup. There was some spring greens with a bit of a roasted garlic ranch dressing. The batter is a bit thick, slightly chewy, but a perfect coating for the juicy lobster within. And the serving was large, much bigger than I would have expected for an appetizer.IMG_1249 Our third course was a Lobster Bisque, which comes deconstructed, with a bowl of Israeili coucous, lobster, prawn, shitaake all topped with a vanilla foam. I had to take a picture of this before they poured the bisque on, so you can see all that is actually inside. IMG_1250 And here it is with the soup...gently poured into the bowl. The warmth of the soup seeps through into all the ingredients and makes a nice cohesive soup. The coucous pearls spreads throughout the bisque with a nice al dente texture. And the lobster and prawn were poached perfectly and stayed plump and bouncy in the soup. The sweetness in the seafood is further enhanced by the vanilla foam, a great compliment. photo (1) 23For our fourth course, we had more lobster, in the form of a Lobster Risotto, which served as the base for the Beef Tenderloin. Sitting atop of the tenderloin is a squash and onion puree. I loved the lobster risotto, it was creamy, smooth and just a touch more cooked than the Israeli coucous. The lobster was plentiful and gave the risotta a unique richness. The tenderloin played almost a supporting role here, that's how good the risotto was. But to be fair, the tenderloin was thick, juicy, well-seasoned and excellent in its own right. I really liked this version of Surf and Turf!  IMG_1262 2 As you probably know, I have a "meat" tooth as opposed to people who have a "sweet" tooth. But with an National Geographic accolade of being the Top Place for Chocolate, I had to try their Chocoholic Buffet! And well, here you go... a chocoholic's dream comes true! Chocolate cakes, squares and more. I stole the decoration off one of the displays. It was too tempting. It looks like it would be crunchy, but it was actually quite soft and surprisingly pliable. And I added some fresh fruit to lighten up the dish. It's part of the chocolate fountain, but I didn't dip it into the fountain because really, that was just too much chocolate. IMG_1266 2 This is the other amazing thing as part of the Chocoholic Buffet is the freshly made Brittany Crepes. We weren't planning on indulging in this but the crepe maker was so friendly, we decided we had to. I know it's not really chocolate, but hey, you can pour chocolate on it! The crepes were light and had a rich caramel flavour. We topped it with some Grand Marnier liqueur, sliced nuts, chocolate bits and sprinkles. We couldn't fit the fruit couldn't fit on top so we just had it on the side...I definitely had a sugar high after this. 

Take Note:

  • This is a  great deal for $65 for two people
  • The buffet is only available Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Staff and service are excellent 

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