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Friday, November 30, 2012

Whet - Autumn Menu Revealed!

Ever since I tried Whet as part of the VANEATSca #WhetYourAppetite package, I've been a fan of Chef Peter Gray. And when I found out they were launching a new Autumn menu, I was eager to give this a try. IMG_1563 We started off with a trio of appetizers, ranging from seafood, to duck and an Oyama sausage.IMG_1558 The Hamachi sampler was amazing, served on a cucumber slice, the freshness was unmistakeable. I particularly liked the black tobiko and the ikura garnish. Between the hamachi and the cucumber was a smear of wasabi and a light lemon hazelnut vinaigrette. This was a nice light bite and a great introduction to the other tastes to come.   IMG_1559 Our next little bite was a bit of Oyama sausage, topped with a goat cheese and a generous serving of cherry compote. The sweet and savoury combination was a good mix of flavours; my only complaint is that the brioche bread was touch dry.IMG_1562 Our last taste from the trio is the Seared Duck Breast atop a brioche slice, with a thin slice of cherry tomato. The mandarin slice underneath blends well with the seven-spice rub on the duck, giving it a nice Asian flavour. IMG_1565 Also on offer tonight were two Fresh Cask Ales made by Phillips Brewing and R&B Brewing.IMG_1573 We've tried their Crab Cakes before but I liked the cute presentation here. All crab and no filler. Just crab meat mixed with a blend of spices ranging from mint, jalapeno, ginger, garlic, cilantro, tomatillo and oregano. If you like crab, give this a try!IMG_1572 For something lighter, the next appetizer we tried was the Roasted Vegetable Crostini. This had a bit of goat cheese as well, which gave the crostini a nice creaminess. The taste is quite mild and the balsamic reduction give it a nice tang. IMG_1570 For a heartier appetizer, we gave the Yam Maki a try. This would have been with a hit with my mom, who loves her yam fries, and the addition of the avocado on the outside was pretty. It's a filling bite and the mayo is perfect, instead of wasabi.IMG_1579 And as with before, we had to get the Jambalaya. There is something so hearty and comforting about this dish. Lots of prawns, mussels and some Oyama sausage as well. The wild rice base was cooked to perfection and filled our hungry bellies!IMG_1580 And yes, the Jambalaya comes with a side serving of Corn Bread. They've switched up the recipe just a bit and this is now more corn-bread like than before. It's a bit drier and less cake-like than before. The cheese and jalapeno are still present, but more blended within the whole loaf instead of just on the topping.

Take Note:

  • The chef is passionate about using organic and fresh products
  • The menu is packed with seafood, even for brunch
  • Their location at Granville Island ensures freshness of ingredients and they are Ocean Wise as well. 

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