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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tomahawk as seen on You Gotta Eat Here!

Earlier this month, I was watching an episode of You Gotta Eat Here on Food Network and caught their segment on Tomahawk in North Vancouver. Turns out, my parents were huge fans and we decided to go this past week. However, they had only had breakfast there before, but I was going to check out the burgers!  
IMG_1472 The entrance is an indication to the outstanding collection of Indian artifacts found within the restaurant itself. Many of the items were collected by founder and owner Chick Chamberlain. IMG_1476 As I mentioned, my parents usually come here for breakfast and the two of them would share this, the Yukon-Style Bacon and Eggs. They might add a side of yam fries, but that's about it. The breakfast comes with five slices of Yukon-style bacon, two Free Range Eggs served however you like, as well as two slices of toast, your choice of white or multigrain, and a huge serving of golden-griddled hash brown potatoes underneath it all. I convinced my mom that she should just order that for herself, and said that we would help her finish it. I lied. 
She ended up eating two pieces of the lean bacon, both of the over-easy eggs and maybe one slice of the toast. We tried the hash brown potatoes and they had a good crunch to them. The bacon is very lean and salty, and very tasty. Oh, and if you like peanut butter, ask for it with your toast, I think it's made locally. IMG_1478 So after convincing my mom that she could tackle the big breakfast, I then had to convince my stepdad to try one of the two burgers that I wanted to try. All their burgers are from The Blue Goose Cattle Company, and are organic. So he decided "all on his own" to get the Chief Simon Baker Burger. In addition to the patty, there is some Yukon-style bacon, sautéed fresh mushrooms and slices of aged cheddar cheese. The mushrooms were very plentiful and gave the burger a very earthy taste. The buns aren't toasted but it's not a big issue here, because their burgers aren't overly soggy. 

The way they layer the burger is really good, bacon on the bottom, then the mushrooms, and then the  cheese melts from being next to the burger. No tomatoes, no lettuce, just meat, mushrooms and cheese. We upgraded the side to yam fries so my mom could indulge, and these were fried to a nice golden crunch.  IMG_1482 And this is my whole reason for this visit, the Skookum burger, and yes, another upgrade, this time it was the onion rings for the side. And it was well worth the money, the rings were crunchy, light and crispy. I loved them!  IMG_1481 Here is a close up of the burger, aka the star of the show. There is a huge pile of lettuce and some slices of tomatoes, so it almost looks healthier than the mushroom burger! Until you see that gigantic slab of bacon and the two sausages sticking out...    IMG_1486 2From the bottom, we have the bun, with a smear of Tomahawk sauce, then about half a head of shredded lettuce, some of the Yukon-style bacon, cheese, the patty, then more bacon, a fried egg, some sausage, and then more cheese and tomatoes, then topped with the bun and a pickle. 

This was actually not as filling as you might think, I didn't eat the whole thing, but I polished off half fairly quickly. Part of the reason is that once you pick this baby up, you can't put it down. You just want one more piece of bacon, or that sausage is taunting you, or the egg is oozing out. Whatever the cause, you'll find a reason to keep eating, I know I did.

Take Note:

  • They are not licensed
  • They only use free-range eggs and organic beef
  • Service is terribly slow though, flag'em down if you need refills

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