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Friday, November 02, 2012

Memphis Blues - a quick lunch

After attending the Grand Opening of Memphis Blues, I had been waiting for a chance to revisit and have a proper lunch. The opportunity presented itself last month and we got a few items to try. 
IMG-20121004-00019 As a starter, we decided to get the Rib Ends. These are tender little morsels of rib ends served with their signature BBQ sauce. Think of it as the opposite of Dry Ribs, these are definitely not dry, they are decidedly juicy and moist and much meatier too.
IMG-20121004-00021 This is the Half Rack of Pork Ribs. The ribs are not fatty at all, with the fat being rendered out during the grilling process. The smokiness hits you right away and the meat has a great crust. Because they don't "pre-boil" the ribs, the meat is tender, but it doesn't really fall off the bones, and that is the way it should be. The glaze is tasty but it lacked a bit of spice for me, but don't worry, lots of hot sauces available for you to add your own heat.   
IMG-20121004-00022 Since this is the platter version, there are a few accompaniments. There are four sides to every platter and here is a close up of the Corn Bread and Fries. The bread was dry but it did have a strong corn flavour. I just didn't like the texture, but I definitely enjoyed the taste. The fries are just fine, neither outstanding or disappointing. You can also glimpse a bit of the third side, the Coleslaw.  
IMG-20121004-00023 And the last side, their BBQ Pit Beans. These are not your ordinary beans, there are chunks of brisket and pulled pork in this! The sauce is based on their BBQ sauce with some of their Dry Rub. This make the side a nice and hearty dish and definitely helps to round out the platter.
Take Note:

  • Picnic for 4 is available, with plates, napkins, and cutlery included 
  • Priscilla Platter feeds 10-12 for just under $150 (meats plus seafood) 
  • Salads available, and yes, you can add rib ends to them! 

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