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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Buck a Shuck at Oysters (Pescatores)

There are lots of Buck a Shuck options in Vancouver and I was delighted to see  that the same was available in Victoria. We hit up Oysters at Pescatores while we were in town and they have theirs daily 5-6pm.IMG_1351 They make a strong statement for fish, oysters and clams...I'd never heard that about clams...have you? IMG_1356 It's not really a habit of mine to take pictures of the interior of a restaurant (but I will try to do more of this in the future) but I was struck by the floating porcelain mermaid above the bar. I really liked the sleekness of this sculpture.
On the fresh sheet today, four different oysters. What is the one for Buck a Shuck? Can you guess? IMG_1361 All their oysters come with four types of sauces, there is a Soy Ginger Sauce, a Spicy Hot Pepper Sauce, their House Cocktail Sauce and a Cucumber Mignonette. We liked the soy ginger best but each of the condiments are good in their own right, try the soy with some hot pepper sauce for a unique blend.IMG_1367 For buck a shuck selection, we got the Glacier Bay, just a dozen with a bit of horseradish and lemon. I ate one and found it strangely lukewarm. When the waitress asked me how everything was, I told her it seemed warm and asked how they stored their oysters. She responded that they are kept on ice. What she said next surprised me..."Is there anything I an do to fix that?" I was impressed by this and said I'd try another one first. The next one I tried was fine and actually quite sweet and fresh.
A great way to start our evening, but we were on our way to Ulla next! 

Take Note:

  • Wednesdays are buck a shuck all night from 5pm 
  • Tequila & Taco Tuesdays - $2 Tacos after 4 pm and $6 Premium Tequila shots 
  • $10 Sunday Eggs Benny $6 and Mimosa $4

Looking for more Victoria ideas? Here you go!

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